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Surrey backflow testing

The City of Surrey requires annual backflow testing. Get your backflow preventer tested by our certified testers at SMT. We can also help with repairs if needed.

What is Backflow testing?  

What is Backflow testing?  

It is the annual process of testing a testable backflow device with a differential pressure gauge to ensure the components inside are functioning properly.

It is the annual process of testing a testable backflow device with a differential pressure gauge to ensure the components inside are functioning properly.

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The city of Surrey defines:

"Backflow" means a flowing back or reversal of the normal direction of flow.


"Backflow preventer" means an acceptable device or method that is designed to prevent backflow.

Source: Surrey Waterworks Cross Connection Control By-law

Why is backflow testing important?

A backflow prevention assembly is crucial to protect our drinking water, because it prevents the backflow of contaminants. Over time the valves and parts of an assembly can get clogged by dirt or get damaged.  So it's important they get tested to protect public health and safety.

How do we test? 

We check the proper operation of the device under different flow conditions. Afterwards we report the results of these tests to the city trough BSI online.


Please note that the city of Surrey charges a filing fee of $37.00 for each assembly. 

Who will perform my test?

It is mandatory to work with a certified backflow assembly tester. At SMT Backflow Testing we are certified by BCWWA, ASTTBC, and covered by WCB and Commercial insurance.

Backflow testing in Surrey

Who needs backflow testing in Surrey?  

The city of Surrey requires testing at any premises to which water is supplied or made available. So homeowners as well as commercial and industrial facilities need backflow testing.

SMT backflow is fully equipped to test and repair all backflow preventers.

When do I need backflow testing? 

According to the City of Surrey you require Testing upon installation, annual testing and in other specific circumstances.

Testing upon installation

You must get your new testable backflow preventer inspected and tested upon installation. This test is to make sure there's no debris in the newly installed piping, or alterations to existing piping that could foul or affect the operation of the new backflow preventer.


You must have your testable backflow preventers inspected and tested once a year, or more often if required by the City. This test is to maintain continued reliability and to ensure that they function as designed.


You must have your backflow preventer tested immediately after a backflow preventer has been:

-   relocated;
-   replaced;
-   repaired or cleaned internally;
-   changes/alterations to the piping that supplies the backflow preventer have been made.


Source (City of Surrey)


Know that as a consumer you can apply to have your annual test date changed to a date earlier than the current date. This can be convenient when you have multiple backflow preventers to have all of them tested on the same date. (Date changes earlier than two months before the scheduled test date won't be accepted by the city.)

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Surrey backflow testing
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