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Vancouver backflow testing

Vancouver requires annual backflow testing. At SMT, our certified backflow assembly testers can help you out with testing and repairs if needed.  

What is Backflow testing?  

What is Backflow testing?  

Backflow testing is an annual process which entails testing a testable backflow device with a differential pressure gauge to ensure the components inside are functioning properly.


The City of Vancouver's Water Works By-Law defines:


“Backflow" means a flow of water or other liquid, gas or solid from any source in a backward or reverse direction into the water system, caused either by back pressure or back siphonage;
“Backflow Preventer” means an assembly, device or method used to prevent backflow from entering the water system and includes a backflow prevention assembly.

“Backflow Prevention Assembly” means a backflow preventer assembled as a unit that includes shutoff valves and test cock(s).

Source: Vancouver’s Water Works By-Law

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Why is backflow testing important?

A backflow prevention assembly prevents the backflow of contaminants. Many plumbing systems require this to protect public health and safety. This testing helps to protect our drinking water. Over time the valves and parts of the assembly can get clogged by dirt or get damaged.  

How do we test? 

When testing backflow prevention assemblies we check the proper operation of the device under different flow conditions. Afterwards we report the results of these tests to the city within 15 days.

Who will perform my test?

The municipal bylaws mandate backflow testing be performed by a certified backflow assembly tester. At SMT Backflow Testing we’re certified by BCWWA, ASTTBC, and covered by WCB and Commercial insurance.  

Backflow assembly tester in Vancouver

Who needs backflow testing in Vancouver?  

Vancouver requires testing at all properties with a backflow prevention assembly.

Furthermore, the City of Vancouver mandates:


“In larger complexes, Vancouver requires backflow prevention assemblies to be installed to protect drinking water from contamination by the backflow from water used for other purposes:  
Fire sprinkler systems  
Underground lawn irrigation systems  
Commercial boiler systems  
Residential and commercial boiler systems with anti-freeze”


Source: City of Vancouver

SMT backflow is fully equipped to test and repair all backflow preventers.  

When do I need backflow testing? 

Every backflow prevention assembly on the premises needs to be tested: after installation, annually and after each cleaning or repair.  
The city uses an online tracking system called BSI (Backflow Solutions Inc.), that keeps track of all backflow preventer tests performed. Owners receive a notice in the mail or via email, so they know when the backflow is due for testing.

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Vancouver backflow testing
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